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Available in Stainless Steel or Rose Gold, with white or brown alligator leather straps, this is a completely wearable timepiece. Wearable and petite. With a 33mm case, this is a tiny watch (for my standards.) I usually gravitate towards the bigger, edgier, more masculine watches. But this Elite Caliber powered model from Zenith can fit easily into daily life, given its slim case, small dial, and delicate nature.

Perrelet Double Rotor Turbine Watch Collection Watch Releases

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IWC Portuguese Chrono Automatic Jackie Chan Limited Edition Available On

IWC Portuguese Chrono Automatic Jackie Chan Limited Edition Available On
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See Sinn watches on Amazon here.Sinn 900 Flieger Watch: The "Big Aviator Chronograph" Watch Releases

Sinn 900 Flieger Watch: The "Big Aviator Chronograph" Watch Releases
Sinn 144 St Sa Automatic Chronograph Wristwatch on Bracelet
,101.00 (26 Bids)
Time Remaining: 45m

It shows a futuristic computerised machine tool manufacturing scene in a dark satanic world of flashing lights and staccato robotic arms in the process of producing their latest watch. The storyline appears to be that this fantastic manufacturing assembly system part way through develops a fatal flaw which threatens the production process. However, and we have to believe in a “life force”here, such is the power of this new watch, which seems to be coming alive as it is built, takes control of the machines, speeds them up and forces them to finish their collective task of assembling the whole, the creation, before meltdown as it were. The building system is increasingly and brutally frenetic as the countdown ticks down towards 0.00, at which time the whole screaming system suddenly explodes across the screen with bits flying in all directions. Out of that maelstrom of madness flies incredibly the complete watch creation which lands amazingly intact, whole and complete....and claims, "I am a survivor.”

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Perrelet Double Rotor Turbine Watch Video Watch Releases
Perrelet Eve Classic Automatic Lady Ceramics open back A2041 1
Time Remaining: 1d 1h 24m
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This high level of water resistance is possible due to the construction of the case which really has no seals, just a few connecting points. You can see that the rotating diver's bezel actually sits over the crystal which is a strong polycarbonate material and over 9mm thick. The dial of the watch is really clean as well - and I am curious to as what all the options will be. One of the best parts if the special three pointed star seconds hand. It is supposed to have a "chromatic depth" meter. Which would lead me to believe that it can tell how deep you are via some type of color change. Not much else is know about this, but it would be a cool feature. I also like the style of the bezel, half numbers half simple markers. Again, the case is quite thick at 18mm, and a decent width at 43mm. Makes for a good sized, but substantial timepiece. The European feel of this Spanish watch is evidence in the mod design, which is very pleasant. The lug structure is unique. The idea in my opinion is to help create a natural curvature to help the watch sit better on the wrist, without making the case itself curved. Thus you have the curved lug structure to which a customizable 22mm (or maybe 24mm) strap will be attached.

Suunto Triathalon Collection t6c Red Arrow & t3c Black Arrow Watches Watch Releases

MM: Tell me - How do watches fit into your life? Are you unique in your love for watches?
DP: Watches are a part of my daily life, as watches can be the best expressions of your personality. In the Opera world, there are many watch aficionados. Owning and being knowledgeable about fine timepieces shows that you have "arrived." Watches then become the ultimate status symbol amongst artful people who are like-minded and appreciate genuine craftsmanship.

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See this Patek Philippe rose gold Jumbo Nautilus watch available on here.

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Now Also Writing Watch Reviews For

See Chinese tourbillon watches on eBay here.

Longio Tourbillon Watches: Chinese Watchmaking Pride Watch Releases
Invicta LIMITED EDITION 115 333 Russian Diver Octopus Tourbillon Model 11139
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Longio Tourbillon Watches: Chinese Watchmaking Pride Watch Releases
Self Wind Tourbillon Moonphase Automatic Mechanical Chronograph Mens Wrist Watch
Time Remaining: 47m

The roughly 43mm wide case of the watch itself is done in a brushed metal. It is not the hardiest of cases, but be mindful of the value price. The case and strap together are also incredibly light. I mean almost impossibly so. This is a very light weight watch! Plus, the watch wears smaller than it actually is. You can tell that the resin strap is secured to the case. It is a plastic type material that is quite flexible, but not flimsy. This is another aspect of the watch that Casio has been able to perfect over the years. The strap fits comfortable and thankfully comes with a metal (rather than plastic) buckle. The buttons are large and easy to feel for even in the dark - which is nice.

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Franck Muller Triple Scale Chronograph Ratrappante Ref. 8883 Watch Watch Releases

The square-ish case is 38mm wide and about 50mm tall from lug to lug. Being square makes it feel bigger than it is, which is a good thing with a case like this. The entire case is curved so that it conforms to one’s wrist all the better. What is so cool about the Cameo, is that the entire watch case is curved, not just the back. It is extremely comfortable (and good looking) for that reason. I would consider the lugs to be integrated into the case structure, which have large retainer screws on the side which are a distinct feature of the overall design. The brown leather strap matches the mood of the dial color, and reminds me of the straps on the Bell & Ross BR01 watches. At the lugs the strap is 30mm wide and tapers down to 20mm at its smallest point. The strap is a bit thicker than you would expect, but I appreciate this added heft. Someone commented that it is a very "masculine looking watch, without being brash." Holding the straps together is a folding metal clasp with a dual button release. The strap can be easily adjusted for any wrist. Temption actually includes a larger strap end for larger wrists. Funny enough, on my narrow wrists I wear the smaller strap on the smallest setting. One odd point is the orientation of the engraved Temption logo and signature on the clasp. It appears upside down, at least from the way I am used to seeing it. Perhaps this is intentional or Temption’s engraving supplier screwed up. Really not a big deal, but I thought it was worth pointing out. It adds character to say the least. Overall, I have to admit that the claps and strap are very well designed and go together well — they are a strong point of the watch.

Timex is one of the most important watch brands in the world, and is certainly the king of US watch brands in terms of volume. The company has lots of sub-brands or departments, and they consider the "Timex Expedition"  line to be its own mini entity. This watch is the result of some interesting development, and is one of the most appealing male watch designs that I've seen in a while. While the watch is unique looking, it is trying to be familiar. Let me explain. It basically strives to resemble that world of wrist-borne gadgets and instruments that we've been seeing in movies and video games for years... finally ready for us real people! The best part is that the Expedition WS4 is more than just looks, the user interface is genuinely well-designed to be easy to operate and useful. All this needs to be taken in consideration with the reasonable price of the watch, as well as it's pedigree.

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German Arctos Elite GPW K1 Limited Edition Watch Available Watch Releases

The 44mm wide watch case has the same soft look that made the original Formula 1 watch so popular. This is the poster-child of why a lug-less look works. The satin finished steel case works nicely against the black colored bezel, and the Tag Heuer "Easy Grip" crown looks like a breeze to operate (screw-down of course). The crystal is sapphire, while the watch is water resistant to 200 meters.

How I wish I could detail everything that goes into the manufacturing and construction of beautiful A. Lange & Sohne watches. What I have experienced, while in depth, feels like merely glimpse into the entire process. What I really saw was the major steps and processes involved in the construction, decoration, and assembly of watch movements. Realize that the entire process is high complex, regimented, and time consuming. Dozens of people can be involved in the manufacture of just one watch movement, and that is just the movement. Lange is a movement maker, which means the rest of the watches are produced by other companies to Lange's specifications. These other parts include the case, dial, strap, and other housing elements of the watches. Lange designs and provides detailed specifications to expert providers that supply these necessary parts. For example, the available bracelet on certain Lange watches is supplied by a top jewelry maker, and are finer than most any watch bracelet you'll ever see or wear.  Companies that do make everything that goes into a watch are known to be "vertically integrated," a status only possible with thousands upon thousands of employees (i.e. The Swatch Group). With just over 500 employees, A. Lange & Sohne sticks to what it does best.

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Apparently New Zealand is the latest country I've learned about that has watch makers. This is a very cool thing from the land next to the land down under. The last surprise came from Iceland; and before that was probably a few years ago when I learned about the Bozeman Watch Company straight outta small town Bozeman, Montana. Magrette is based in New Zealand's largest city Auckland, which is really a wonderful place that I've had the pleasure of once visiting. If you are wondering what special character a New Zealand watch company can imbue into watch, think no further than a history of nautical adventure, and the right art and culture coming from the Maori people.

It's almost funny how male dominated brands will take their simplest model, throw some diamonds on it, and call it a women's watch. Really...

Yes, I know, I have reviewed this watch before, but that was the full-length Timex Expedition WS4 watch review, not this special version for the audience. You'll get another angle on the watch there. The Expedition WS4 is actually proving to be quite the popular timepiece, no joke. With the cool looks, and reasonable price, it is a strong offering from America's own. Check out my Timex Expedition Ws4 article on here.

Sea-Gull M 177 Automatic Classic-Styled Watch Review

Sea-Gull M 177 Automatic Classic-Styled Watch Review
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See Perrelet watches on eBay here.

I am surprised by this watch actually. The aggressive styling is pretty cool looking. Certainly a departure from the blase Chinese designed watches we've come to easily disregard. It has an attractive but simple modern appeal, and would standout nicely. The case itself is a large 47mm wide, and comes with the metal bracelet and rubber strap (24mm wide). It isn't going to win any design awards, but it isn't half bad. The bracelet looks interesting as well, something I'd like to inspect a bit more. Inside the watch is the SG3829 automatic mechanical tourbillon movement. The tourbillon is an actual tourbillon as you'd come to expect, and it rotates once each 60 seconds. The movement is acceptable, and interesting to view. It doesn't have nearly the refinement of a Swiss or German movement, but again, think of the cost. Accuracy is also less that its European counterparts, but not by as much as you'd think. It took the Europeans how long to get a decent tourbillon movement into a watch? Decades probably. And in just a few years here is China with their own. China will never beat Europe when it comes to quality or refinement, but it will always beat them when it comes to speed - just a different mentality at work.

See Audemars Piguet watches on eBay here.

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These two new pretty watches are part of a limited edition of just 500 pieces each and are part of the Commando watches that Bell & Ross will offer. Commando meaning gray in this instance. Maybe this is the perfect urban combat camouflage watch? We are familiar with the models as well. These are the big date and power reserve versions of the Bell & Ross BR01, or rather the BR01-96, and the BR01-97. The dials also make it clear that the watches are part of a limited edition. The Big Date has an automatic ETA 2896, while the power reserve model has an ETA 2897.

Yonger & Bresson Automatic Chronograph Snake Skin Strap Watch: For A French Cowboy Watch Releases

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